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How to re-hydrate your Carp Fishing Boilies and give them an added boost

Fed up of your freezer baits looking lifeless after drying out? Check out our step by step guide on how to re-hydrate your carp fishing boilies and give them an added boost…

In this article:

  • How to defrost and re-hydrate freezer baits
  • The best liquids for re-hydrating bulk boilies
  • How long to leave boilies to soak
  • How to boost your defrosted boilies and hookbaits

For many carp and specimen anglers, freezer baits are still a favourite choice of boilies particularly when buying bulk bait or discount boilies for trips to France and such like.

Like many freezer baits from all brands such as Sticky Baits, CC Moore, Mainline Baits, DNA Baits and  Dynamite, these can all be used straight after drying out when you’re on the bank.

However, when you’re fishing for longer periods, the baits will start to lose too much moisture and become small and marble like. Here’s our guide to prevent this from happening….

Step 1: Place your chosen freezer baits in a mesh bag such as a dry sack, weigh sling or landing net.

How long should you leave boilies to defrost? There is no right or wrong answer to this and your baits can be used from the moment they are defrosted but the longer you dry them the more moisture which will be sucked out of them and the harder they will become.

Step 2: Pour some re-hydration liquid into a bucket

You can also add the liquid from a tub of hemp or particles, as an added boost. Handy if you are planning to make a spod mix for the same session. Then add a bottle of liquid to match your chosen boilie.

Glugging your boilies well in advance allows them to soak up that extra attraction

Step 3: Add the liquid to the boilies

Cover your boilies with the liquid. The liquid should just about cover the baits. You may need to add more re-hydration liquid at this stage depending on how much bait you are re-hydrating.

Step 4: Leave to soak

The baits must be left to draw in the liquid to re-hydrate them. How long does it take to re-hydrate boilies? Anything from two hours to a day should be about right.

Step 5: Drain any excess liquid

The baits are ready! At this stage you can add salt, crushed hemp or groundbait to coat the baits for that added attraction if you wish.