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  • A natural ingredients based boilie designed with Terry Hearn to be highly digestable
  • High protein and open texture
  • Made using the best quality pre-digested LT94 fishmeal, liver, Antarctic krill and Haiths CLO
  • Exclusive all year round feed stimulant provides real pulling power
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Monster Tiger Nut

Monster Tiger Nut

  • A sweet boilie packed with over 10 essential amino acids
  • Tiger Nut Milk – full of natural sugars
  • Contains sweet vanilla palatants and all season attractors
  • Proven on tough waters around UK and Europe
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Monster tiger nut red ammo

Monster Tiger Nut RED AMO

  • All the attractiveness of our Tiger Nut boilie with our extra special Red Amo fruit palatant
  • Packed with over 10 essential amino acids plus Tiger Nut Milk to boost natural sugars
  • Contains all season attractors – a great bait for winter and summer fishing
  • Proven on tough waters around UK and Europe
  • Washed out colour to fool wary carp
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The Crave

  • The ultimate shellfish based based boilie – includes our soluble shrimp paste
  • A high protein boilie made with a blend of tuna meal, anchovy meal, birdfoods and Terry’s specially selected flavours
  • Packed full of essential minerals and nutrients
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The Source

The Source

  • Made from the finest bird foods and fishmeals
  • High protein boilie that is the perfect balanced meal for carp
  • Top secret attractors give a unique smell and flavour
  • Includes crushed egg shell to give it a unique texture
  • Contains added Robin Red®
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Sweet & Fishmeal Boilies


  • Highly attractive sweet milk and nut based boilie
  • With added Citrus fruit attractors
  • A great year round bait


  • High protein easily digestible Fishmeal bait
  • Hardened recipe for use at distance with a throwing stick
  • Rich in nutrients and amino acids from high quality proteins
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